Chris Wyatt - Founder of Crossbridge Theatre Company

Chris' stage experience spanned a period of 60 years, and began with the wonderful Te Aroha Dramatic Society, then at Massey University, and later the Harlequin Players, Showbiz Christchurch, Canterbury Opera and Centrestage.

Chris formed the Crossbridge Theatre Company, initially, as a vehicle to stage "The Prisoner", telling a story inspired by his own harrowing experience with cancer.

With the success his first production achieved, Chris had a vision for the continued positive impact the theatre can have in the Hibiscus Coast Community, which we intend to continue in honour of Chris who passed away on 20/9/2017.

Linda is the newly elected Chariperson of Crossbridge and recently fulfilled the duties of Production Manager on The Cross & the Switchblade.

Her vision is that Crossbridge will continue to bring uplifting & inspiring theatre to audiences on the Hibiscus Coast and that the message and portrait of the Company will always be based on Christian Principles, bringing honour to Jesus Christ.

Alan Jenner - Musical Director

Alan was classically trained but in the last few years branched into exploring Jazz.  He was involved in many aspects of solo and group music performance, theatre and musical theatre at school and university. 

More recently he has enjoyed accompanying soloists and conducting small groups, and has found becoming involved again with musical theatre to be exciting and inspiring.

Nikki Kent

Nikki has been on stage for 35 years and knew that at some stage she would turn her hand to Directing.

Her experience as Assistant Director for "The Prisoner" has contributed greatly to it's success and she is always looking forward to the next show.

Nikki directed The Princess & the Goblin and in 2018 agreed to serve on the committee, as well as being the go-to director of Crossbridge productions in the future.


John McNeil - Composer

"Song is another form of storytelling, and I am a storyteller", John says.

He began his working career as a newspaper journalist, and later moved into broadcasting.  From his mid-teens he started writing songs as well.

He beautifully captured the essence of the story of "The Prisoner" in music and song in this touching yet powerful musical.

John met Jesus in 1973 and has since loved telling his faith journey through music.

Claire Murphy - Choreographer

Claire has loved working on "The Prisoner" with such a supportive creative team and an inspiring cast.  Dance has held a special place in her heart since she was herself at KingsWay School under the arts programme.  She completed her Bachelor of Performing Arts majoring in dance, and went on to the Graduate Diploma in Teaching.  Since then Claire has taught at Orewa College and ACG Senior College in the Arts Departments. 

Musical theatre has been a passion that Claire has had for a long time, the opportunity to use these talents to support such a worthy cause and glorify God, has been a blessing for Claire.


Lizzy Hagan - choreographer on The Princess and the Goblin and valued member of Crossbridge.

The cast of "The Prisoner".  People from different backgrounds, all coming to together in one inspiring unit to help tell a gripping story.


Linda Marais (Chair)
Pat Shanks (Treasurer)
Jo Anderson (Secretary)
Benjamin Ripley  
Nikki  Kent  
Steve Down  
Bronte Coombridge  
Stuart Hay


Joanna Anderson

Don Battley

Dave Bowler

Ken Brown

Tania Cheeseman

Monica Coetzee

Jacob Coombridge

Allie Coyle

Francois Marais

Peter Cross

Cassie Cross

Melanie Dodds

Judith Douche

Steve Down 


Marli Englebrecht

Josh Fleury

Lizzy Hagan

Sam Hagen

Carl Hall

Stuart Hay

James Henderson

Harrison Kent

Elizabeth Little

Linda Marais

Annie McGlashan

Elizabeth McGlashan

Priya Miller

Claire Murphy

Rangi Ngaata-Modersoh

Ashlee Richards

Kris Richards

Richard Sandford

Benjamin Stevens

Tian Venter


Torey Zondervan



Alan Jenner: Musical Director

Murray Van Hoorn

Laura Haynes

Hannah Shelling

Yooni Cho

Keon Ng

Priscilla Scanlan

Kerry Robertson

Max Glazier

Ingrid Norman

Christiaan Swanepoel

Mark Pinto de Menezes